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Launch your podcast into the future with Katapod, the one-stop platform to host, manage, publish, grow, and make money from your podcast. With unlimited storage and bandwidth, what are you waiting for? Join the free podcasting revolution today!

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Upload and Manage your podcasts with ease

With our simple dashboard, you have complete control over your podcast and can update your episodes in real-time. With our unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, there's no limit to your creativity. Why stop at just one podcast? With Katapod, you can make as many as you want!

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Be everywhere. Publish your podcast to

Get your episodes in the hands of your listeners at the click of a button. Publish your podcast to all the popular podcast directories. With Katapod, your new episodes will be available as soon as you publish.

Reach over 500 million listeners by having your podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Podcast Index, iHeartPodcast, Overcast, and many more.

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Monetise and make money

You should be making money from your podcast, not wasting it on hosting fees! We believe in empowering our creators with our comprehensive monetisation suite. If you monetise your episodes, you have complete control over when and where the ads play, keeping the creative process in your hands! Whether its dynamic ads, host-read ads, direct sponsorships, or affiliate programs, we've got you covered!

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Total Freedom

Only you know what's best for your podcast! With Katapod, you can choose what parts of our platform you want to use. If you like the look of our management system but want to host your audio somewhere else, you can! If you want to use your own analytics platform but want to do everything else with Katapod, you can! With our open API and 3rd party integrations, the possibilities are endless!


Find your podcast. Katapod will import your feed and audio from your current hosting provider!


Redirect your old feed to your new Katapod feed. You'll keep all your listeners!


Edit your existing details and keep uploading new episodes to Katapod.

Switching is as simple as 1... 2... 3...

With Katapod, switching from your current hosting provider is as simple as importing your podcast, redirecting your old feed, then keep uploading new episodes to Katapod. Everything else is handled by us! We'll import all your podcast information and transfer all your episodes, audio and all! You'll keep all your listeners!